Hand Crafted Shawls

hand made lace shawls

Hand Made From Coon Hollow Select Natural Fiber

The handspun and woven shawls measure approximately twenty-four inches wide and six feet long and start at $350.00 according to the order. These items are unique and take a substantial amount of time to produce, as each one is sure to be an original fashion. The circular Lace Shawls are $450.00 to $600.00 according to the fiber and diameter. Our Coon Hollow Farm smaller triangular mohair shoulder shawls range from $85.00 to $125.00 depending on the size. Larger triangular shawls are available as well. There are many color choices available to view on our fiber and clothing pages in natural tones and hand dyed assortments. We often add a bit of 'flash' to our scarves, cloth, and shawls. Flash is a hint of metallic fiber that richly complements the already captivating appearance of mohair. The flash reveals itself in such a lovely way in the sunlight, as one views an enchanting glimmer that catches and reflects the light.