Hand Crafted Scarves

hand made scarves

Hand Made From Coon Hollow Select Natural Fiber

Our Coon Hollow Farm mohair knitted scarves have been an extremely successful item. With a huge array offered from the color spectrum in solids or exciting blends, these unique items are not only warm and functional, but a great complement to any outfit. We stay in vogue with current fashion trend demands. Many of our scarves are made with extra length to accommodate the European styles. Flashy fringes put a lively final touch on these attractive pieces. Our bulky knit and narrow scarves have been a popular hit.

We have a nice line of our hand-woven scarves to choose from. We have received many compliments concerning this line of scarves. They are not only soft to feel, alluring to the eye, but wonderfully functional. These scarves offer the outdoor worker or sports enthusiast the advantage of a warm face and neck in below freezing weather conditions. One of the exciting virtues of the natural mohair fiber is revealed during freezing temperatures, as mohair provides continual warmth even when the fiber is wet.

So, thick or thin, longer or shorter, knitted or woven, they are a must-add item to any wardrobe.

It has been hard to keep up with our silk scarf orders. This is the only fiber I order in to knit or weave with as I do enjoy the beauty of silk and the array of colors offered. Truly a visual delight! The scarves we produce from this fiber are very fun, colorful, and can be worn any time of the year. They also make a great sash to be worn with jeans or a long skirt. Made into a long and narrow scarf, they are a very attractive and popular piece.

Our silk and mohair scarves have been greatly enjoyed by people of all ages, but I have especially loved the reaction from the children. They respond nicely to the lively colors and styles. I like producing something that draws the attention of all; having no barrier of age or various walks of life..... something for everyone. We offer a nice line of children's scarves. And also a variety of handsome men's scarves.

I have done many special orders over the years for people that have had something in mind that they could not find available for them...so, if you can describe your ideas to me, I will make it for you.

A few children's and men's scarves are displayed in our gallery. When you click on to the photos, they will be displayed in full size on their own page.